The Kappa simulator made interactive: Tool artefact

The tool

Github downloads, on pip and cutting edge nightly builds is for windows (x86_64), for MacOS (>= 10.9) and Kappapp.tar.gz for linux (x86_64)
Compilable sources
Kappa-Dev GitHub
Preconfigured virtual machine
On docker hub (there is a README there)
Online service
Next door! You can preload toy model


Binaries and docker images are for x86_64 hardware. Windows version has been tested on Windows 7 one day an opened on a Windows 10 recently (and is by far the least well tested...).

The python pip package Kappy is available on linux and MacOS only. Sorry Windows users, we know how to build all the pieces independently for you but we never managed to properly assemble and upload on pypi a working 'wheel'.

As explained in the README on github (and you can read the instruction there), compiling from source is a reasonnable challange if you can (and accept to) use opam the package manager for OCaml. It is super crazy without it.

A docker version on which the image does not work or a modern web-broswer on which the online UI does not work has not been encontered. Please report any discovery.